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Photo: Wholesale powering your customer experience

Wholesale powering your customer experience

Our experienced power marketing team has the expertise and resources to ensure your business gets the electricity value it needs.

As such, all of your inquiries will be directed to a group of qualified and knowledgeable in-house professionals. We employ experts in every facet of our business, from general information on the Alberta power market, billing and settlement, pricing and hedging, to contract and risk management.

We encourage a constant level of feedback and discussion with our clients and would welcome any new or current clients to contact us directly with questions or concerns.

We provide additional opportunities for feedback through our client service surveys, which provide a standard forum for your comments, but because you are dealing with a small team of power industry professionals, you are always dealing with an expert who values your business.

TransCanada knows that relationships take time to build and require genuine care to maintain. If given the chance to be your retailer and supplier of electricity, we will show our commitment to the relationship by providing fair, objective views on the macro-environment, its impacts on the power market in general, and what it will mean to your company both now and into the future.

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Wholesale Power Purchase For Your Alberta Business


Whether your business is wheat, hogs or cattle, TransCanada understands that you need a power solution that fits your operation. We provide customized solutions to meet the seasonal nature of your business.

Oil and Gas

Our diversified asset base supports the oil and gas industry in a variety of ways, while our Power Alberta group provides cost-competitive risk management tools and sound advice on market fundamentals.

Commercial Real Estate

We understand the need to provide a combination of high-quality retail services along with load-following commodity products fit to meet the commercial real estate industry’s usage.


Large Commercial & Industrial

Our goal with large commercial and industrial customers is to find a product that provides the greatest flexibility and cost certainty possible, so your time can be spent doing what you do best: operating and growing your business.

Public Institutions

Whether we’re lighting the way along your city’s streets or powering future generations in the classroom, TransCanada’s Power Alberta group has a solution to fit the smallest town to the largest campus.

Brokers and Consultants

At TransCanada, we see third-party intermediaries as our partners in success. Whether you are a broker, a consultant, an advisor or a friend, we can provide solutions to serve your important relationships.

Let Us Power Your Business

Contact a member of our Power Alberta group today to learn more about the benefits of powering your business with TransCanada.