Our Renewable Portfolio

Photo: Investing in a sustainable future today

Investing in a sustainable future today

At TransCanada, environmental responsibility is about pursuing corporate practices to reduce land disturbance, carbon intensity, energy consumption and water use.

TransCanada invests in building the safest and most efficient facilities to meet the growing demand for energy in the coming decades and to support North America’s balanced energy system.

We produce approximately 6,200 megawatts (MW) of power capacity – enough to power more than six million homes.

More than half of our power generation comes from low and non-emitting sources, that include natural gas, nuclear, solar and wind, such as Cartier Wind Energy, the largest wind farm in Canada, with a generating capacity of 365 MW for Hydro-Quebec.

In addition to wind, TransCanada has also diversified its power-generating portfolio through solar power purchase agreements in Ontario, which have a combined capacity of 76 MW, bringing TransCanada’s investment in its Ontario solar program to more than $450 million.

We’re a key partner in Bruce Power, Canada’s first private nuclear generator, that currently produces 6,200 MW of emission-free electricity, equivalent to more than one quarter of Ontario’s electricity.

We also specialize in building highly efficient natural gas-fired power plants that are helping to replace coal-fired generation in Canada and the United States.

Wholesale Power Purchase For Your Alberta Business


Whether your business is wheat, hogs or cattle, TransCanada understands that you need a power solution that fits your operation. We provide customized solutions to meet the seasonal nature of your business.

Oil and Gas

Our diversified asset base supports the oil and gas industry in a variety of ways, while our Power Alberta group provides cost-competitive risk management tools and sound advice on market fundamentals.

Commercial Real Estate

We understand the need to provide a combination of high-quality retail services along with load-following commodity products fit to meet the commercial real estate industry’s usage.


Large Commercial & Industrial

Our goal with large commercial and industrial customers is to find a product that provides the greatest flexibility and cost certainty possible, so your time can be spent doing what you do best: operating and growing your business.

Public Institutions

Whether we’re lighting the way along your city’s streets or powering future generations in the classroom, TransCanada’s Power Alberta group has a solution to fit the smallest town to the largest campus.

Brokers and Consultants

At TransCanada, we see third-party intermediaries as our partners in success. Whether you are a broker, a consultant, an advisor or a friend, we can provide solutions to serve your important relationships.

Let Us Power Your Business

Contact a member of our Power Alberta group today to learn more about the benefits of powering your business with TransCanada.