The TransCanada Advantage


Image — TransCanada Asset Map showing all of TransCanada's pipeline and energy assets in North America.

Count on a North American energy leader

When it comes to selecting a power provider we know you have choices. Since the dawn of deregulation, some of those choices have come and gone, but TransCanada has always been and continues to be a part of the fabric of the Alberta electricity market.

Since 1999, we have built a strong reputation in the electricity market by assembling a team of focused experts, a portfolio of reliable assets and a bank of flexible contracts aimed at providing our clients with an unparalleled level of certainty in managing the world’s most volatile commodity.

While TransCanada may have started out as strictly a pipeline company, we have evolved into much more than that. Today, TransCanada is a large player in energy infrastructure across North America and our business is delivering the commodities our economy counts on every day.

TransCanada owns or has interest in $59 billion of long-life assets — primarily pipelines and power-generation facilities — in Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is also expected that by the end of the decade, $46 billion in new projects will be completed.

So what does this all mean to you and your business?

When you choose TransCanada, you choose a partner that will be here to provide you with advice for today, value for tomorrow and opportunity to better your business for years to come. We are a steel-in-the-ground, invest-for-the-future and take-care-of-your-client type of company that only succeeds if you succeed.

Download the TransCanada Asset Map (PDF, 919 KB).

Power options to meet your unique electricity needs

  • Load-following pricing, fixed priced hedges or heat rate swaps — settled either financially or physically
  • Offer invoicing and load settlement services
  • Work together to provide budget certainty and/or to mitigate price volatility
  • Committed to delivering reliable power and credible and financially strong contracts

Credible provider of energy services and respected community player

  • Our success is a reflection of over 3,000 dedicated employees throughout Alberta who are committed to transporting energy and providing power to the communities we service
  • A world-class energy provider — crude oil and gas transmission, power generation and gas storage services

Providing optimum and creative power solutions since 1999

  • As a fellow consumer of energy, we understand the importance of putting the customer’s needs before the sale
  • Leading-edge power business (market analytics, operations and regulatory)
  • Our A- credit rating makes us a reliable supplier of Alberta power
  • $59 billion in energy infrastructure assets

Professional marketing team

  • Expert understanding of market fundamentals and customer load analyses
  • Targeting large load sectors allows group to understand needs intimately
  • Non-commission — our aim is to secure a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship
  • Our extensive knowledge of North American energy markets is underscored by an in-depth understanding of our core markets
  • Our significant experience in changing environments enables us to seize new opportunities and deliver value to our customers.

Wholesale Power Purchase For Your Alberta Business


Whether your business is wheat, hogs or cattle, TransCanada understands that your business needs a power solution that fits your operation.


Oil and Gas

Our diversified asset base supports the oil and gas industry in a variety of ways while our Power Alberta group provides cost-competitive risk management tools and sound advice on market fundamentals.

Commercial Real Estate

We understand the need to provide a combination of high quality retail services along with load-following commodity products fit to meet the commercial real estate industry’s usage.


Large Commercial & Industrial

Our goal with our large commercial and industrial customers is to find a product that provides the greatest flexibility and cost certainty possible so your time can be spent doing what you do best, operating and growing your business.

Public Institutions

Whether we’re lighting the way along your city’s streets or powering future generations in the classroom, TransCanada’s Power Alberta group has a plan to fit the smallest town and the largest campus.

Brokers and Consultants

We see the importance of third-party intermediaries. Whether you are a broker, a consultant, an advisor or a friend, you hold the trust of the people we want to talk to.

Let Us Power Your Business

Contact a member of our Power Alberta group today to learn more about the benefits of powering your business with TransCanada.