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Customizable Electricity Services

With our own natural gas power-generation facilities backing sales, we can provide power at a fixed price for a month, a year or a decade.

We offer a wide array of financial tools to secure the price of your power, reducing the risk of adverse price movements.

We also provide load following service to meet your variable electricity consumption. Clients receive customizable and flexible products and terms, which can be tailored to any business need.

Graphic: Customizable Electricity Services

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Electricity Load Following Plans

Load Following Plans provide a fixed price of electricity for the entire variable volume of power used each hour.

This plan protects from price fluctuations in the market and usage variability within tailored specified +/- consumption bands.


  • Rate, price and budget certainty in a volatile market
  • Minimal exposure to spot market
  • Flexibility for changes in usage
  • Minimal work for the customer

Budget Certainty: High

Graphic: Fixed Price, load following threshold, vs. Average Monthly Consumption

Fixed/Structured Block Plans

Our Fixed/Structured Block Plans, offered both physically or financially, involve a fixed price for a fixed predetermined volume of power, based on historical consumption.

Exposure to spot-market volatility can be tailored, and any over/under-age is credited to the average monthly spot price. Examples of blocks available include, but are not limited to, 7×24, 7×16 on-peak and 5×13 on-peak. This product is ideal for base-load or flat consumption profiles or those with lower tolerance to volatility.


  • Relatively low risk with limited exposure, with flexibility
  • Price and budget certainty for majority of load
  • Don’t have to commit to more than necessary
  • Customizable with different blocks — add layers of blocks to cover core usage
  • Flexibility to buy additional electricity

Budget Certainty: Flexible

Graphic: 7x24 vs. 5x13 Fixed Block comparisons

Graphic: 7x24 vs. 7x16 Fixed Block comparisons

Retail Service Options

TransCanada’s Retail Service Options are available for both Load Following and Structured Block products.

Our in-house invoicing system allows us to provide your business with a consolidated report for all of your sites, with full granularity for each site individually.

If you elect not to secure a supply product for your business, you can still benefit from TransCanada’s best-in-class customer service by signing up for our Retail-Only Service option. This option still provides you with the same easy-to-understand invoices and access to our team of power market experts, plus it allows you to “float” your power consumption on a flow-through basis.

This service involves in-house analysis, invoicing and billing, which includes the management of wires, distribution costs and power purchases. On-demand reports are also available through Web access via UtilityNet.


  • Reduces third-party involvement
  • Personalized customer service
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • No call center

Graphic: Retail Service Options

Heat Rate Swap Plans

Heat Rate is typically used as a measure of a generator’s efficiency in turning fuel into energy.

  • As a Swap, the buyer of the Heat Rate agrees to buy power at a price specified by the ratio of two commodity prices
    • For example, a customer purchases 10 MW of power at a Heat Rate of 15
      • If the agreed-upon gas index settles at $3.00/GJ, the customer will receive their 10 MW at a price of $45/MWh ($3 x 15 = $45)
      • If the agreed-upon gas index settles at $5.00/GJ the customer will receive their 10 MW at a price of $75/MWh ($5.00 x 15 = $75)
  • Heat Rates can also be settled physically, whereby the buyer delivers physical gas in exchange for physical power at the contract ratio

Graphic: Heat Rate Swap

Wholesale Power Purchase For Your Alberta Business


Whether your business is wheat, hogs or cattle, TransCanada understands that you need a power solution that fits your operation. We provide customized solutions to meet the seasonal nature of your business.

Oil and Gas

Our diversified asset base supports the oil and gas industry in a variety of ways, while our Power Alberta group provides cost-competitive risk management tools and sound advice on market fundamentals.

Commercial Real Estate

We understand the need to provide a combination of high-quality retail services along with load-following commodity products fit to meet the commercial real estate industry’s usage.


Large Commercial & Industrial

Our goal with large commercial and industrial customers is to find a product that provides the greatest flexibility and cost certainty possible, so your time can be spent doing what you do best: operating and growing your business.

Public Institutions

Whether we’re lighting the way along your city’s streets or powering future generations in the classroom, TransCanada’s Power Alberta group has a solution to fit the smallest town to the largest campus.

Brokers and Consultants

At TransCanada, we see third-party intermediaries as our partners in success. Whether you are a broker, a consultant, an advisor or a friend, we can provide solutions to serve your important relationships.

Let Us Power Your Business

Contact a member of our Power Alberta group today to learn more about the benefits of powering your business with TransCanada.